What is Insula?

Insula is the latest generation, highly innovative, ecological friendly, inorganic, multi-purpose insulation mortar, fully developed and produced in Turkey by Turkish engineers for protection against fire, sound, heat and moisture.

Insula provides high energy savings when used in exterior and interior insulation projects with its very low heat transfer coefficient. (0,034 W/mK)

Insula is environmental friendly thanks to the glass granules, made from recycled glass, inorganic compounds used in its formula and recyclable properties after years of use.

Therefore, Insula contributes to getting “Green Building” certificates such as LEED and BREEAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the life span of Insula?

Life span of Insula is as long as the building it is applied onto since it is an inorganic material.

Can we apply any other material onto Insula?

Yes, a decorative mortar plus paint or only high grained paint can be directly applied on top of Insula Exterior. For Insula Interior, a satin plaster and interior paint can be applied once the surface drying is reached.

How do we decide on the thickness of the Insula Exterior?

Depending on the geographical location of the project and the material Insula to be applied onto gives us U value of the system, and the thickness is calculated accordingly.

Insula Interior

Insula, compared to other interior surface plasters, provides a coverage on interior surfaces with much more functions; fire, sound, heat and moisture insulations.

Depending on the surface and wall materials used and their respective thicknesses, Insula also saves on extra materials used resulting in cost savings.

Insula Exterior

Insula Exterior is designed to be used on exterior surfaces for heat, fire and sound insulation.

Low heat transfer coefficient and A1 Class fire resistance.

Efficient on sound isolation.

High adhesive force.

Insula Floor

Insula Floor is designed to provide heat, fire and sound insulation between the floors of any building.

It is applied between 1 - 5 cm thickness depending on desired results.

A layer of cement floor mortar at any thickness can be applied.